The first step is the hardest

A Postcard from the 3rd Sunday in Lent 03/20/22

I wonder what has been the heart of your Lent.

I have been in online training this week. At the beginning of each session, we begin with something like “I wonder what has been the heart of your…” You can fill in the blank with almost anything. Our session yesterday asked us to consider the heart of our Lent.

Remarked that I was having an unusual Lent marked by intentional cheerfulness. Recovering from a broken ankle can give way to melancholia, and so to avoid that I have focused on being upbeat. I have been surprised at how well I have kept a good attitude. I am paying attention to how I respond to things in hopes that it will prove useful in the future when I am facing melancholia.

Lent is forty days, excluding Sundays, and today is day 20. Maybe you’re clicking along with your Lenten discipline or fast? Or maybe the halfway point gives you a chance to try again? Or maybe is just a chance to reflect and wonder about what has been the heart of your Lent?

A sermon for St. Paul’s, Greensboro:

Principal text: Luke 13:1-9

Audio only

Coming next

  • Mar. 27 – Church of the Messiah, Heflin – 4th Sunday in Lent
  • Apr. 3 – St. Barnabas, Roanoke – 5th Sunday in Lent
  • Apr. 10 – Church of the Messiah, Heflin – Palm Sunday

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