We must be on our way

A Postcard from the 2nd Sunday in Lent 03/13/22

How do we follow faithfully?

Two weeks ago I made my way to Camp McDowell to serve as a spiritual director for Vocare 22. This is a weekend retreat for young adults centered on exploring their vocation (God’s call). We talk about school, work, relationships, love, church, disappointments, hurts, anger, joys. There is usually plenty of laughter and some tears. The weekend is led by young adults. The young adults give most of the talks, and us clergy types are on the side for support.

I have been fortunate to be part of Vocare for 13 years. And each year I am amazed at the faith, bravery, honesty, and vulnerability of the young adults that show up. Each year is a bit different. But I always come home invigorated to follow God’s call more faithfully.

This year was made a bit more interesting because I was still in a cast. But the Vocare community rallied and helped me get safely from place to place. This year, with everything going on in the world, the Vocare prayer really hit home. We say this prayer before and after each moment of sharing. When I am making a conscious effort to follow faithfully, it is my go-to prayer:

Lord, let me know clearly the work which you are calling me to do in life,
and grant me every grace I need to answer you call
with courage, love, and lasting dedication to your will. Amen.

A sermon for St. Barnabas, Roanoke:

Principal text: Luke 13:31-35

Audio only

Coming next

  • Mar. 20 – St. Paul’s, Greensboro – 3rd Sunday in Lent
  • Mar. 27 – Church of the Messiah, Heflin – 4th Sunday in Lent
  • Apr. 3 – St. Barnabas, Roanoke – 5th Sunday in Lent
  • Apr. 10 – Church of the Messiah, Heflin – Palm Sunday

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I am a priest in the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama. I am a church nerd, printmaker, storyteller, and blogger.

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