Postcards on the Way

Each week, I will write a postcard. I’ll tell you where I’ve been and share my sermon. I’ll also offer a short reflection on scripture, popular culture, or current events.

Latest Posts

Revival and Grief

A Postcard from the 5th Sunday of Easter 05/15/22 Day 29 of Easter. This weekend The Episcopal Church in Alabama held a revival. There were fancy lights, a LED screen, and lots of music. There were testimonies, prayers, and preaching from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. It was a truly wonderful celebration, and I was glad … Continue reading Revival and Grief

Good Shepherd Sunday

A Postcard from the 4th Sunday of Easter 05/08/22 Day 22 of Easter. The Fourth Sunday of Easter is often called Good Shepherd Sunday because we read Psalm 23 and hear a passage from the Good Shepherd discourse from the Gospel of John. In the Church of England and in The Roman Catholic Church, this … Continue reading Good Shepherd Sunday

Easter is 50 days

A Postcard from the 3rd Sunday of Easter 05/01/22 Day 15 of Easter. Each year I spend Eastertide reminding folks that Easter is 50 days, and we need every single one of them. The Resurrection is so amazing, so life-changing, that it can’t be marked by a single day. So throughout this season, we get … Continue reading Easter is 50 days

Happy Easter!

A Postcard from Easter Sunday 04/17/22 So how will you share the joy of Easter? Well, we made it. We did the hard work of Lent, and we made it to the joy of Easter. I was blessed to celebrate Easter 3 times in 24 hours with 5 communities. My celebration began on Saturday night … Continue reading Happy Easter!


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