Postcards on the Way

Each week, I will write a postcard. I’ll tell you where I’ve been and share my sermon. I’ll also offer a short reflection on scripture, popular culture, or current events.

Latest Posts

Giving thanks for truth

A postcard from the Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King 11/21/21 A colorized version of this photo hung over the breakfast table at my Granddaddy’s house. As I waited for my Granddaddy to say grace, I would look at the photo and wonder what the story behind it was. I was always struck by … Continue reading Giving thanks for truth

Friends of Jesus

A postcard from the Observance of All Saints 11/07/21 Today was a day to celebrate ministry together! Today we celebrated 40+ years of ministry at the Church of the Messiah in Heflin. In 1980, 16 friends of Jesus (and their families) began gathering to worship and to start a new Episcopal Church. It was wonderful … Continue reading Friends of Jesus

The Greatest Commandment

A postcard from the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost 10/31/21 Today is All Saints Day. It is one of the seven principal feast days in The Episcopal Church, and the only one that is allowed to be celebrated on November 1 or the Sunday following. It is also one of the four days recommended for baptisms. … Continue reading The Greatest Commandment


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