Today (a few days late)

Postcards from the 3rd & 4th Sunday after the Epiphany 01/23 & 30/22

Well, that didn’t go quite as planned.

Several of you have reached out because there was an interruption in my weekly postcards. Thank you for your care and concern. Here is the fuller report:

On the evening of January 23, 2022, I put Newton’s Law of Gravity to the test, and like so many before me, I failed to defy gravity. That’s a rather dramatic way to say that I took a misstep and fell and in the process seriously broke my ankle. I received excellent medical care at St. Vincent’s and my family and friends have rallied to my care. I was referred to “the ankle guy” at Andrew’s Sports Medicine for evaluation. This past Monday I had surgery to put all the bits and pieces back together. There have been some difficult days, but I am happy to report that I am very much on the mend and am feeling much better.

The postcards will be a bit different for a couple of weeks, but I am hopeful that I will be back on the road soon. Below you will find the video of my sermon for January 23 on Luke 4:14-21. You may also read my sermon for January 30 on Luke 4:21-30. Because of the interconnectedness of the text, the two sermons are entwined a bit as well.

Thank you for your calls, texts, and emails. Thank you especially for your prayers. I will see you all soon.

A sermon from Messiah in Heflin on 01/23/22:

Principal text: Luke 4:14-21

A sermon for St. Barnabas in Roanoke on 01/30/22:

Principal text: Luke 4:21-30

I was not able to travel to St. Barnabas on January 30, 2022, but I did write a sermon for them to use in their service. This is the continuation and conclusion of the previous week’s Gospel, so I include it for those that might want to see where my thoughts went. Click here to read my sermon for January 30, 2022

Coming next

The season after the Epiphany helps us find the joy already present in our lives and reflect on God’s continuous presence and inspiration for our daily living. The readings also invite us to explore what it means to hear, to listen, to attend to God’s spirit in every situation.

  • Feb. 6 – OFF – 5 Epiphany / God’s voice directs
  • Feb. 13 – OFF – 6 Epiphany / God’s voice heals
  • Feb. 20 – St. Paul’s, Greensboro – 7 Epiphany / God’s voice calls
  • Feb. 27 – Messiah, Heflin – Last Sunday after the Epiphany / The Transfiguration
I am hopeful for a speedy recovery and am following all the rules to try to ensure one. With that said, my travel schedule might be further revised depending on what the doctors say.

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