Friends of Jesus

A postcard from the Observance of All Saints 11/07/21

Celebrating 40 years of ministry in Heflin, Alabama.

Today was a day to celebrate ministry together!

Today we celebrated 40+ years of ministry at the Church of the Messiah in Heflin. In 1980, 16 friends of Jesus (and their families) began gathering to worship and to start a new Episcopal Church. It was wonderful to welcome some of those founding members this morning. It was a morning filled with joy and celebration.

Today was also a day to preach on one of my favorite passages of scripture!

The Raising of Lazarus, which we got the conclusion of [John 11:32-44], is a passage that I find new levels of meaning each time I read it. But the moment that always catches my attention is the shortest verse in the Bible—”Jesus wept.” Theologians have written volumes on the problem of suffering in the world, but what the Gospel of John offers is a savior who weeps in grief at the loss of a friend. Whatever may come, we know that God is with us.

The love displayed at this moment is what sets in motion the plot to kill Jesus. The power of Jesus’ love calls forth Lazarus from the grave. The power of Jesus’ love turns the disciples from servants to friends. And the power of Jesus’ love offered on the cross, saved the world.

A sermon from the Church of the Messiah in Heflin:

Audio only available here

Coming next

We will move through the final weeks of the liturgical year exploring the gospel texts of the day.

  • Nov. 14 – St. Barnabas, Roanoke / Signs Mark 13:1-8
  • Nov. 21 – Messiah, Heflin / Christ the King John 18:33-37

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