NOTORIOUSLY EPISCOPALIAN EPISODE 8 – Weddings, Wine, and Anglicans

My sermon from the Second Sunday after Epiphany, January 17, 2016, offered at The Abbey in Birmingham. We had a full house this Sunday, with real concern over whether we would have enough chairs. We managed to get folks seated, but we took up the whole back of the shop and wrapped around the sideContinue reading “NOTORIOUSLY EPISCOPALIAN EPISODE 8 – Weddings, Wine, and Anglicans”

Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 7 – #Easteris50Days

On Friday, May 15, I got to spend some time with Tyler Richards at The Abbey. Tyler has just completed his second year of seminary at Sewanee, and is recently engaged. Tyler’s move to seminary two years ago was the first and only time that I have made it to Sewanee. Over coffee, Tyler and IContinue reading “Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 7 – #Easteris50Days”

Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 6 – #easteris50days

On Friday, May 9, I got to sit down with the Rev. Mary Balfour Van Zandt. This was the first of these podcast conversations to happen in person, and we met and hung out for a bit at The Abbey in Birmingham. Mary Balfour is the rector of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Fayette, Alabama. SheContinue reading “Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 6 – #easteris50days”

Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 5 – #easteris50days

On April 28, 2015, after a curious moment where I thought Sewanee was in a different time zone, Jamie Osborne and I successfully got together on a Google Hangout and talked about Jesus. Jamie was about to finish his second semester of his first year of seminary, and was kind enough to take time outContinue reading “Notoriously Episcopalian Episode 5 – #easteris50days”